We meet the monthly at 7:00pm (doors open at 6:30) on the second Thursday of the month from September to June at the Royal Canadian Air Force Association building. Our aim is to promote woodturning skills among our members and promote woodturning in the community. We welcome visitors and new members at any time of the year. Our nominal annual fee is $40. Repeat visitors are encouraged to join the club.

Here is a map to the Royal Canadian Air Force Association located at 2155 Crumlin Side Rd., London Ontario, N5V 3Z9.
During each meeting we hold a raffle. The raffle table quickly fills up with donations from guild members and from sponsor organizations. Woodturners can purchase raffle tickets to win wood blanks for turning, tools, magazines and other useful items.

Meeting Agendas:
Meeting agendas will be updated on the main page as information becomes available. Below is a listing of previous meetings.

Year Meeting/Event Venue
January Zoom: The Lost Wood Process - Art Liestman
February 9 Zoom: Colin Knecht - General Woodworking
February 11 Zoom: Show and Tell
March Zoom: Box Challenge
April Zoom: Birdhouses - Eric Deckert & John Rice
May Zoom: Eggs - Eric & Others. Birdhouse Challenge!
June Zoom: Turning a Bowl - Dave Hudgel, Egg Challenge!
July Zoom: End Grain Bowl - Gary Miller
August Zoom: Stabilizing & Casting - Dave Bell
September Zoom: Melting Box - Eric Deckert
October Zoom: Turning for Furniture Making - Al Tamman
November Zoom: Therming: Dave Bell
December Zoom: TBD
January Jigs and Tips, Tool Swap
February Turning a Cryptex - Eric Deckert
March Advanced Pen Techniques - Carl Durance
November 12 Zoom: Stave Constructed Bird House - Carl Durance
December 10 Zoom: Pyrography - Renee Sferazza and Jackie Morningstar
January Jigs and Chucking Night
February Turning a Hollow Egg - Carl Durance
March Decorative Epoxy Wood Repair - Dave Bell
April Turning a lidded box - John Calver
Challenge: Egg Challenge
May Propeller Bowl - David Hudgel
June 13th Texturing Techniques - Gary Miller
Tools and wood swap
June 15th Spindle Turning 101 Session - sign up at the general meetings!
September Wedgie Sled - Bob Fenn
1st Annual Turning Competition! (See Rules)
October Hollowing - Dave Bell
November 2nd Nick Agar Demonstration
November Hands-On lathe night
Challenge: Textured Box Challenge
December Christmas Social/Meeting
January Black Lacquer Technique - John Calver
February Roman Drinking Vessel - Paul Newton
March Emerging Bowl - Bob Fenn
April Peppermill - Bernie Hrytzak
April Glen Lucas Seminar
May Add a Skew to your arsenal - Gary Miller
June Decorative Tops - Neal Hardie
September Finishing and Coloring - Charles Jordan
October Dizzy Goblet - Al Tamman
October Bowl Turning Seminar
November Challenge Forms - John Calver
December Windswept Christmas Tree - Eric Deckert
January 3-Finial Lidded Box - Eric Deckert
February Cabriole Leg - Gary Miller
March Dizzy Bowl - Carl Durance
April Wood and Epoxy Platter - Bob Dyck
April 22: David Ellsworth all day demonstraton
May Sharpening Systems and Techniques - Gary Martins
September Dixie Biggs style embellishment - Don Turcotte
October Full Size Staved Birdhouse - Bob Fenn
November Incorporating veneers into your turnings - Carl Durance
December Techniques on turning a sphere - Eric Deckert
January Yo-Yo's - John Calver
February cancelled due to weather
March Spindle turning identical parts - Bob Fenn
April Goblet - Paul Newton
May Enameling - Carl Durance
June Inlay Vase - Paul Guilbault
September Hollowing - Bob Fenn, Paul Newton
October Turning a Bowl - Paul Newton
November Bird House Ornament - Bob Fenn
December Christmas Social and Ornament Exchange
January 3-Sided Box - Paul Newton
February Twisty Box - Gary Miller
March Multi-Axis Turning - Dave Hudgel
April Cardboard Bowl - Paul Guilbault
May 4-Sided Bowl - Paul Newton
June Spinning Top Challenge
September Alumilite Casting - Dave Bell
October Pen Turning Next Steps - Carl Durance
November Segmented Ball Ornament - Gary Miller
December Christmas Social and Ornament Exchange
January Pierced Box Insert - John Calver
February Threaded Box - Doug Magrath
March Turning an Egg - Bob Fenn
April Top Box - Carl Durance, Michael Hosaluk Demo
May 3-winged Dish - Bob Fenn
June Pierced Concentric Rings - John Calver
September Bracelet Turning - John Calver
October Escoulen Chuck - Ruby Cler
November Christmas Ornaments - Carl Durance
December Christmas Social and Ornament Exchange
January Making and Using a Story Stick - Eric Deckert
February Finishes - How to apply and get the best results - (various demonstrators)
March Architectural Woodturning - Paul Jackson
April Alumilite Bottle Stoppers - Dave Bell
May Wobble Chucks - John Calver, Gary Miller
June The Lost Wood Process - Gary Miller
September Scoop Turning - John Calver
October Sierra Pen - Dave Bell
November Inside Out Turning - Paul Newton
December Christmas Social and President's Challenge
January Pendant Turning - John Calver
February Treen Demos: Gary Miller, Bob Fenn, Scott Beverley
March Workshop Storage
April Burls 101 - Doug Magrath
May German Ring Turning - Bernie Hrytzak
June Bullet Pen - Dave Bell
September Turning a Kaleidescope - Carl Durance
October Air brush techniques - Ruby Cler
November Turning a birdhouse Christmas ornament - Mario Moran
December Christmas Social
January Turning a decorative wooden bracelet - Bob Fenn
February Finishing the Foot - Gary Miller
March Use of log end sealer and drying processes - Fred Rodger
March 26 Cindy Drozda Demonstration
April Turning a bird house - Bob Fenn
May Ball within a ball - John Calver
June Turned, carved vase - Eric Deckert
September Carl Durance - Celtic Knot
October Goblets - Mario Moran
November Gilding - Bob Hewson
December Christmas Social Night
January Pen Wizard - Bob Hewson
February Barley Twist - Bruce Gordon
March Stave Construction - Bernie Hrytzak
April Polyester Resin Forms - John Calver
April 25th Curt Theobald full day demonstration
May Multi-Axis Turning - Eric Deckert
May 8th Bonnie Klein Demonstration
June Rose Engines - John Calver, Gary Miller
September Lace Bobbin turning - Richard Pikul
October Minwax Presentation
November Marbleizing Finish - Bernie Hrytzak
December Bowl from a board - Patrick Sutherland, Fred Rodger
January Airbrushing Techniques - Andrew Gillet
February Pyrography - Bernie Hrytzak
March Vacuum Chucking - Gary Miller
April Turning Green Wood - Doug Magrath
May Rough Turning and Drying - Gary Miller
June Chainsaws and safety
June 6th Binh Pho demonstration
September Segmented Turning - Jack Wallace
October Al Stirt
November The Skew - Brian McNaughton
December Cabriole Leg - Gary Miller
January Jig Night, carbide cutting tool demonstration
February Threaded Box - Doug Magrath
March Pen demonstration - Bob Hewson
April Drum turning - Gary Miller
May Jack deVos demo
June Discussion on Turned Sculptures - Fred Rodger
September Square turned bowl - Bob Fenn
October Rose Engines - Gary Miller, John Calver
November Sea Urchin Ornaments - Bob Hewson
December Christmas Decoration Challenge
April Open Segmented turning - John Calver
May Hollowing - Phil Marusiak
June Top challenge
October Sharpening clinic
November Lattice Top Gift Box - John Calver
December Candlestick - Mario Moran

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