Past Meetings
The following is a listing of meetings that were held in the past. If you see something on this list that you would like to see again please contact a member of the executive.

Year Meeting/Event Venue
January Making and Using a Story Stick - Eric Deckert
February Finishes - How to apply and get the best results - (various demonstrators)
March Architectural Woodturning - Paul Jackson
April Alumilite Bottle Stoppers - Dave Bell
May Wobble Chucks - John Calver, Gary Miller
June The Lost Wood Process - Gary Miller
September Scoop Turning - John Calver
October TBD
November TBD
December Christmas Social and President's Challenge
January Pendant Turning - John Calver
February Treen Demos: Gary Miller, Bob Fenn, Scott Beverley
March Workshop Storage
April Burls 101 - Doug Magrath
May German Ring Turning - Bernie Hrytzak
June Bullet Pen - Dave Bell
September Turning a Kaleidescope - Carl Durance
October Air brush techniques - Ruby Cler
November Turning a birdhouse Christmas ornament - Mario Moran
December Christmas Social
January Turning a decorative wooden bracelet - Bob Fenn
February Finishing the Foot - Gary Miller
March Use of log end sealer and drying processes - Fred Rodger
March 26 Cindy Drozda Demonstration
April Turning a bird house - Bob Fenn
May Ball within a ball - John Calver
June Turned, carved vase - Eric Deckert
September Carl Durance - Celtic Knot
October Goblets - Mario Moran
November Gilding - Bob Hewson
December Christmas Social Night
January Pen Wizard - Bob Hewson
February Barley Twist - Bruce Gordon
March Stave Construction - Bernie Hrytzak
April Polyester Resin Forms - John Calver
April 25th Curt Theobald full day demonstration
May Multi-Axis Turning - Eric Deckert
May 8th Bonnie Klein Demonstration
June Rose Engines - John Calver, Gary Miller
September Lace Bobbin turning - Richard Pikul
October Minwax Presentation
November Marbleizing Finish - Bernie Hrytzak
December Bowl from a board - Patrick Sutherland, Fred Rodger
January Airbrushing Techniques - Andrew Gillet
February Pyrography - Bernie Hrytzak
March Vacuum Chucking - Gary Miller
April Turning Green Wood - Doug Magrath
May Rough Turning and Drying - Gary Miller
June Chainsaws and safety
June 6th Binh Pho demonstration
September Segmented Turning - Jack Wallace
October Al Stirt
November The Skew - Brian McNaughton
December Cabriole Leg - Gary Miller
January Jig Night, carbide cutting tool demonstration
February Threaded Box - Doug Magrath
March Pen demonstration - Bob Hewson
April Drum turning - Gary Miller
May Jack deVos demo
June Discussion on Turned Sculptures - Fred Rodger
September Square turned bowl - Bob Fenn
October Rose Engines - Gary Miller, John Calver
November Sea Urchin Ornaments - Bob Hewson
December Christmas Decoration Challenge
April Open Segmented turning - John Calver
May Hollowing - Phil Marusiak
June Top challenge
October Sharpening clinic
November Lattice Top Gift Box - John Calver
December Candlestick - Mario Moran

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